APB - Lake Arrowhead Prop Busters




7:00am—3:00 pm

Check-in: 6:30am—7:00am followed by Blastoff

Proceeds to benefit: Milfoil Removal on Lake Arrowhead

2014 RESULTS!!

1st prize  - Jim Owens III and Jim Owens Jr  -  total of 5 fish 14# 4 oz

2nd prize - Glen Bruce and Pete Forbes - total of 5 fish 12# 5 oz

3rd prize - Chris Lombardo and  Jeff Bangs -  total of 5 fish 11# 10.6 oz

The 3rd place winners made a donation of $50 to LACC.

Lunker  weighed 5# 13.8 oz  Jim Owens III and Jim Owens Jr.


Fun Stuff

1st Annual Awards Ceremony
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2nd Annual Fishing Tourney Pics
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on 2nd Fish Tourn folder) 

2nd Annual Awards Ceremony
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3rd Annual Fishing Tourney pics 
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